Bafang Dumpling To Add First Orange County Location Inside Brea Mall

Shoppers will soon be able to enjoy Bafang Dumpling as an option in the Brea Mall food court.
The restaurant’s third location will be open by early 2024.
The BBQ vendor is going from pop-up to a permanent location at 12941 9th Street in Garden Grove.
Family Fuels inspiration behind Sisters’ Halal Fusion Concept
'Southern hospitality with a California twist' is also coming to San Jose.
Mendocino Farms will open in the new ground-up development, Alicia Landing, alongside a Dave's Hot Chicken franchise, among other tenants.
This will be the sixth location for the seafood restaurant group.
Sister eatery Nếp Café, which has been sharing the Fountain Valley, will remain.
General Manager Matthew McKinney will close the restaurant for renovations before assuming control.

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